Saturday, October 27, 2012

Giant's Candy {A {Non-Food} Tutorial}

Here's a super easy decoration for your church's fall festival or for your home:  giant's candy {no sugar & no chance of cavities}!

What You Need:
-tissue paper {at least 2 sheets for a medium size ball}
-toy ball
-fishing line {optional} {NOTE: If you want to hang your candy, tape the fishing line to the ball before you cover - making sure to leave the clear twine out through a hole or fold in the tissue paper.}

What You Do:
Tape two sheets of tissue paper together {this is for a medium size ball like the one I used; if you have a larger size, you'll likely need to tape more tissue paper sheets together}.  I wrapped the ball in sort of an angle/diagonally, taping as needed, where needed.  Using string or ribbon, tie the ends {right next to ball, like a piece of candy}, & using your hands help shape & puff out the edges.  

Sweet Tooth Crafting Love,


  1. Great project for any time of year! Thanks for sharing. Joining from Little Bird Told Me -


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