Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taking It Into Autumn: Helping Your Summer Clothes Make the Move

Summer to Fall

You may have worn a cropped top during the summer months with just a simple sleeveless blouse, but now that we're in October {Who can believe it?}, layering over a button-down keeps the chill away.

A turtleneck is a fab base for layering summer tops.

Summer to Fall II

Source: via lani on Pinterest

Be a little bold & pair modest shorts with tights.

Boots over cropped summery jeans makes an easy autumn switch.

Summer to Fall III

Socks paired with summer's strappy shoe = year round footwear choices.

Trouser socks with ankle length pants make for cozy fall bliss.

Hope you found some helpful tips to take that summer wardrobe of yours into the fall!

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  1. Love those ideas! I am so terrible at making the summer to fall transition, but these ideas will definitely help! I especially love the green jacket.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So excited about fall fashion! It's still kinda hot where I live...can't wait for those chilly autumn days! Great post - I love dressing for fall!


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