Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Letter {From Me}

This is the letter that I first wrote back in 2010.  It used to be found in one of the pages {at the top of the blog}, but I am in process of changing & rearranging & didn't want to lose this.  

Here's my letter to you...

Dear Sis,

I wish I could tell you face to face how special you are! That everything about you has been planned out by an awesome Creator & is for a purpose – His purpose. I wish I could look you in the eyes & tell you that God is at work in the times when it seems He’s left you completely alone. If we were face to face, I’d squeeze your hand & tell you that to the King of the universe you are wonderfully beautiful & His princess. I’d take you out for hot cocoa & a sticky cinnamon bun & make sure you knew that you can do amazing things, because God is the doer-of-amazing-things, & He’s at work in you. Afterwards we’d go driving with the windows down & our voices shouting out a BarlowGirl song, & I’d remind you that with God we need not fear or be ashamed. After we park by a green hillside, I’d share that Jesus’ blood was enough for your sins past, present, & future. While we watch a solitary cloud float in the sky, I’d encourage you to share your faith with unbelievers, because that is what God has called us to do & what it’s all about – sharing the unfathomable love of Christ with others. We could pick bundles of wildflowers on the hillside & chat about staying pure - mind, body, & soul - as a gift of obedience to our Heavenly Father & a sweet unopened treasure for our possible future husbands. When dark unexplainable clouds roll in & a heavy rain falls, we could make a dash for the car. And as we listen to the steady drumming on the metal roof, we’d talk about the inescapable storms of this life, & pray that each other hold on to the promise that God will never leave us. When the rain stops & we start back, I’d point out the rainbow in the sky & we'd thank God for reminding us that His promises are always true. When I drop you at your house I’d give you a hug & say, “Love you, Sis! You’re always in my prayers!” Yep, that’s what I would do.

Lots of Love From
Your Sister in Christ,

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