Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Embellishing

I'm so tired tonight {& I'm not even sure why}, but I thought I'd share some pics on how my Christmas decorating is going.  I'm not finished, but here's how it's looking...
"We'll laugh at gilded butterflies."  A William Shakespeare quote I cut out of a magazine.  It fits perfectly with my tree theme: things that fly.
More ornaments waiting to be put on the tree.
I made these simple ornaments out of glass beads this year.

My tree "topper" I created out of 2 bird ornaments & a couple glittery branches.  

I got that green glitter hummingbird at Walmart today for 97 cents!
I put some white stuffing in the bottom of a Ball jar with a couple wire brush trees nestled in the "snow."
My old book paper garland & chain + the decorative blocks I made last year {revisit that tutorial here.}
In some countries Santa places treats & gifts in children's shoes.  I thought I'd recreate this tradition with my wellies this year.  Now for a few more presents!

Ornaments in a bowl are an easy-peasy decorating touch!
Learn how to make your own cake stand here.
Love the blue candy canes in the blue Ball jar.  Have you noticed I have a thing for Ball jars?  I do!  I found this canvas nature art at Goodwill - I put thumbtacks along the sides & added the quote with glitter alphabet stickers. 
I found this adorable sign at Rugged Warehouse for $2.99!  I thought I couldn't create it for that price, so I impulsively bought it.

Christmas Love,


  1. Your things-that-fly-tree is so creative! I love that idea!
    And your house is absolutely beautiful! I love the canvas quote, ornaments, signs, EVERYTHING! :) I wish I had even half the artsy skills that you have.
    Thanks for the inspiration! I'm ready to make something crafty! :)
    Have an awesome day!

  2. So pretty, dear Bess!!!

    By the way, I'll be sending a little something your way for late birthday/christmas. ;)



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