Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Acts of the Season

Random Acts

It's Christmastime - the perfect time to show God's love to anyone & everyone that we can.  God showed His awesome love for us in the gift of His only Son, Jesus {the Christ in Christmas}.  This season, let's show His love to this weary world through any means - what I mean is: let's practice random acts of kindness!

These R.A.O.K.s {as I like to call them} are any kind gestures or offerings you give to another.  You know when you feel that nudge to do something for someone?  Right then & there you have to make a choice - do you put yourself out there & do what God is calling you to do {even if it's the scariest thing ever (in your mind)} -or- do you stay safe in the sidelines, letting the chance pass, & the good left undone?  It's hard sometimes to step out, that's why I'm challenging myself {& YOU} to do just that.  This Christmas let's show the world some love!  

Here's some ideas to get you started:
-smile at others
-open the door for someone
-send a card to someone  
-put a sticky note on a public bathroom mirror/stall with an encouraging note &/or scripture {"God made you beautiful!" is one of my favorites!}
-thank custodial staff for their hard work
-give a candy cane or treat to a cashier or store greeter
-in the parking lot, offer to take someone's cart for them after they've finished loading their purchases - so they don't have to walk it back to the buggy catchall
-pay for the person behind you's order 
-leave coupons for others by items in the store
-call or visit elderly/shut-ins from your church
-bake cookies for your neighbors
-invite someone to your church
-create sacks of food, scripture, gloves, etc. & pass out to homeless standing by the road or at a shelter {be careful if you do this to those standing at the road - go in a car &/or in groups}
-leave a wreath at an undecorated neighbor's house 

These are just a few of the millions of ways!  Feel free to let me know how your R.A.O.K.s go - I'd love to hear your stories!

"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."
-John 13:35 NIV


P.S.: I'm about to go to the store & I'll have my eyes open for opportunities!  I'll let you know how my R.A.O.K.s are going! =)

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