Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Thrifty Girl Gift Guide {Presents for $1!}

I'm a thrifty girl, I admit, but I love giving adorable presents, too!  Here's a few Christmas stocking stuffers & gift ideas that are... wait for it... $1 each!  {All were purchased within the last week.}

So many stores these days have $1 sections.  Here's a list of my favorites:
-Michael's Craft Store
-Walmart {Walmart has a selection of 98 cent goodies}
-&, of course, the Dollar Tree where everything's a dollar-

Here's some other stores that have good gift deals {$1 & up}:
-Tuesday Morning
-Home Goods
-Rugged Warehouse
-Big Lots

Happy Shopping & Don't Lose Sight of the Best Gift {Jesus},

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