Monday, June 17, 2013

Esther & The Beautiful Wait

Queen Esther

It took a year of prescribed beauty treatments before Esther was chosen as queen. One whole year of Avon & wait. I wonder why God chose to do it this way. What was the purpose of the 12 months? Was it to prepare Esther? Prepare King Xerxes’ heart? Make Esther more pretty? Let certain events fall in line in order to create “such a time as this”?

As I find myself currently in a great wait that is stretching well beyond the yearly mark, I like to think God has some fabulous, royal {because He is King} purpose for His daughter. Some days I look in the mirror at reddened eyes from tears the night before, & feel less like I’m on the beauty trail & more like I’m lost out in the desert. It’s then that I remind myself this is a time of beautification of my spirit. You only need to have tried Nair once to know to beautify isn’t a painless process {Isn’t that an understatement?!}!

God is making me into what I need to be… there is something I’m preparing for. Under His care I am a princess-in-training. No, this won’t be a live-in-a-spa-for-a-year kinda deal, & that probably wasn’t how it was for Esther, either, but my spirit will be refreshed & refined {& more beautiful} at the end of it.

“And who knows but that you have come to royal 
position for such a time as this?”
-Esther 4:14b NIV

Dear Father,
Please help me through this season of wait. I know You are teaching me things to beautify my spirit, but the lessons aren’t often easy. Please pour out Your mercy & grace to Your daughter, as well as Your unfathomable love & peace, as I pour out my praise to you even during “such a time as this.” For I know Your plans are perfect, as well as your timing. Thank You for being a trustworthy loving God; I rest in that through this time & always.
In Jesus’ Name,
Your Daughter

Love & Beautiful Waiting,

P.S.: There's so much more to Esther's story.  If you haven't checked it out {or it's been a while}, I encourage you to find a Bible & look up her book {sandwiched between Nehemiah & Job in the Old Testament}.

P.P.S.: I'm planning to periodically showcase godly women {etc.} from the Bible in a devotion format here on Bess' Bag.  Hope you enjoyed the first one!

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