Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Father's Day

A Father's Love

Father’s Day is this Sunday & today… well, today, would be my dad’s birthday. This year will mark half of my life spent without him. I don’t think I realized before his death the true power of loving another human being. Even though I only knew this man for the first half of my life, he made such a difference in me that it cannot be measured. I didn’t know, as a little girl with tears falling down my face, that when my age doubled I would still weep bitter tears for the one I missed so deeply. It sometimes scares me to think that I will have known my father for such a short span of my life. Last night I prayed that I would not forget those precious years with my beloved daddy who chased after God’s heart & sought to live for Him & taught me so much of the love of our heavenly Father. I don’t want those years to erase. I don’t want to lose the lessons I learned – the present world has left me jaded to so many things, that I don’t want to forget the joy & love that’s possible, that I experienced with my dad, here on earth. I thank God he gave me those years of love, for some don’t even experience that. I know my father is in heaven & that one day I will be with him there, too, & there’s peace in that, but the missing part is hard to find a steady peace for.

If your dad is still with you this Father’s Day, I pray that you don’t let the day slip by without telling him you love him, holding his hand, & spending precious time.  I just felt led to share that.


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  1. Oh Bess,
    Tears are running down my face. I can't imagine losing my dad at such a young age.

    You are such a sweet, beautiful, inspirational soul. I know that your dad is looking down from heaven smiling, with a heart full of love and pride.

    I wish I lived close enough that I could give you a hug today. Because I can't, please know that I am praying that you will feel peace today and also this Sunday.

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder.
    <3 Gabrielle


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