Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hand Carved Popsicle Stamp + Tote

I started carving my own stamps out of erasers this year {see here & here}.  I don't think I have the "correct" tool of the trade to create these - I use an X-acto knife, which is living on the edge of the dangerous life {If you use one please be so careful!}.  I've seen quite a few folks use something called a linoleum cutter by Speedball - these fancy peeps often use an artist's carving block, too... but I use what I have, typically a slightly worn Pink Pearl eraser & le boxcutter. =)

Here's What You Need:
-eraser {large enough for your design}
-cutting tool {I use my X-acto knife}
-stamp ink
-cutting board {optional, but a good idea}

Here's What You Do:
Trace a popsicle design onto your eraser {I used the sides of my eraser as the sides of my popsicle, so I really just had to round the corners at the top & add a stick shape to the bottom}.  Using your cutting tool, carefully trace around your pencil lines, then begin to cut away the pieces around your image {this usually involves cutting & then picking out the pieces you cut with your fingers}.  After you have this done to your satisfaction, ink your newly created stamp, & see how it turned out!       

This plain pink Dollar Tree tote needed a little something, so I used my popsicle stamp & paint {instead of ink} to add a bold pattern.  I found I had to go back & repaint in my shapes because the paint didn't go on very strong the first time.  It didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it, but I like it anyhow. =)  

Happy Stamping,

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