Friday, June 21, 2013

Interchangeable Fedora Embellishments DIY

It started with these fedoras from the Dollar Tree...  Pretty cute on their own, but sometimes a girl just wants a little frill.  Ya know? =)

Then, again, sometimes a girl wants to keep it simple.  So, I decided to make my embellishments temporary, & thus interchangeable, by using Velcro!

What You'll Need:
hat{s}, frills {i.e.: ribbon, silk flowers, feathers, bows, fabric, buttons, etc.}, hot glue, Velcro 

What to Do:
Create an adornment that goes around the band of your hat.  I found using my hat like a dress form works well.  Once you've got it like you want it {& made doubly sure it will fit around your hat}, add Velcro to it using hot glue {or you could sew it if you like}.

This simple style was created using one long & one short piece of ribbon.  I love that you can wear each of these embellishments on either hats!  Cause really a girl loves to change her mind {& look}. =)

I used a beaded ring & wide ribbon for this one.  I just slid the ring onto the ribbon {this way I can still wear it as a ring when I want, too}!  Easy!

Lastly, I had a magenta ribbon from some packaging that wasn't long enough to fit around my hat.  So, I improvised & added some turquoise-y feathers & brown ribbon.  This one doesn't even need Velcro - it just ties in place!

Love & Frills {for this 1st day of summer},

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