Friday, November 2, 2012

Stamping Pumpkins {Tutorial}

For some reason the title of this post brings to mind the classic I Love Lucy stomping the grapes episode.  However, we will not be smashing pumpkins {hmmm, I just unintentionally dropped the name of an old rock band - strange} with our feet or any other of our extremities.  We will be using rubber stamps, darling! =)

What You Need:
-rubber stamps {smaller ones work best}
-ink pad

I can't believe Thanksgiving is about 3 weeks away!  I decided to use my small alphabet stamps to "print" Thanksgiving-themed messages on my mini pumpkins {Give Thanks & Blessed}.  Be careful, the ink can smear & rub off if you aren't careful - this can be beneficial in case you mess up {just wipe clean with a damp paper towel}.  

I love stamping pumpkins!

I'm working on decorating for Thanksgiving...  I found this mini chalkboard at Walmart for less than a dollar!


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