Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bess' Bag's 1st Ever Easter Challenge!

Easter Challenge

This event wasn’t really planned. It sort of just happened, but sometimes that makes for the best recipe - & allows our Lord to do His stuff, when we listen to His nudging & follow. I’ve found myself lately falling into the trappings of apathy – you know, going through the motions of this life & lacking a passion, in this case, for Christ - mixed with a real want to live my life for Jesus, but feeling like a failure at my aim. You see, it’s not just my aim to point to my Savior in all that I do, it’s my very purpose for existence. If I fail in this, but gain in other areas, I’ve still failed. But, the one thing I know, is that if you seek to do God’s will with all your heart, He will help you to live it out. So, I don’t want another moment to go by – let alone another Easter, when I don’t strive to serve my blessed, risen Savior who gave up everything for me. It’s time to live for Jesus, because he died for you. Let’s start this adventure together & see what our heavenly Father has in store!

Easter Challenge 1

There’s perhaps no time like Easter to invite someone to church (except maybe Christmas). It’s true {& sad} that many people only go to church twice a year. It’s also sad {& true} that many of us who follow Christ don’t invite these “two-timers,” “one-timers,” or “no-timers” to church. I recently heard on the radio that when a major Christian survey group polled believers with a question something like ‘Do you share your faith with others?’ a large number responded positively. However, when the question was later reworded to something like ‘Are you evangelistic with your faith?’ the numbers dropped dramatically. You see, after some investigation, many were backing up their answers with these faulty thoughts: ‘people know I go to church;’ ‘people know I’m a Christian.’ When the words were changed to mean ‘Do you tell others about Jesus?’ the truth seemed to float to the surface.

You know, it’s not always the easiest thing to share the gospel, but it’s what God has called us to do. I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest thing for our Lord to give up His only Son to a world that didn’t deserve it. If you are a Christian, His strength is in you, & He will help you find the words to say to this world on His behalf. The world aches for His love, whether they know it or not.

For the 1st challenge, all that is asked is that you ask someone to church for Easter. It could be a classmate, friend, neighbor, perfect stranger at the shopping mall {not a store dummy}… So, let’s start to live out our faith. Be sure to be armed with the time(s) of your church’s service(s), address, & phone number… in fact, why not right it on a card to hand out?

If you complete this challenge & want to share your experiences please leave a comment on this post! I’ll be sharing my experiences, as well. I think I might invite my neighbor. Let’s share the Love that’s given us the hope to continue on.

In Christ,

P.S.: Here's the perfect song to begin again...


  1. I love the song! Wow... what a powerful message it has :).


  2. Bess, I need serious prayer in this. I mean SERIOUS prayer. You know those days when you're just sitting there in a doctors office or something, & another person is there & you could TOTALLY tell them about Jesus? But...I don't. It's heatbreaking. I see people everywhere just longing to know there's a better life, it seems. And I cry. Half b/c they don't know Him and half b/c I don't tell them. Oh! Please help me Jesus!

    Bess! PLEASE pray for me!
    Miss you, girl. I wish we could go for that cinnamon bun right about now & talk about our struggles with this and pray together.
    Love, Amber


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