Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Bucket Updo Mini Tutorial {+ Bunny Gifts}

So, do you still have an old pail used for the Easter egg hunts of yester yore {I’m in a poetic mood here}? Well, let’s give it a more mature update, shall we? I promise it’s easy-peasy. Whose idea was it anyway to give egg hunts an age limit? At my church it’s little ones through elementary… Oh, well, we’ll just make our ole buckets extra cute, put a bunch of lovely blooms from our Creator in ‘em {okay, my are silk flowers}, & use ‘em to spruce up our room or porch! I pine for these! {Now, I’m in an Arbor/Earth Day mood, oak-ay!} Sorry, couldn’t resist! Yes, I may need some kind of comical, or other such, therapy. Sorry.

P.S.: Psst! We may be past the egg hunts, but below you’ll find some bunny-themed gift ideas just right for us.

What You’ll Need:
-bucket or basket
-ribbon (I used 2 types)
-large sticker or cutout
-hot glue gun
-buttons (optional)

Here’s What to Do:
-Find the ribbon(s) you want & rehearse the layout on your Easter pail. I used a wider purple grosgrain paired with a skinny green grosgrain.

-For a pail like the one I used (by the way, it’s from Michael’s ($1)), it’s hard to wrap the ribbon all the way around the bucket snuggly, because of the way the pail is shaped, so I cut ribbon to go about half (or a little more) around the bucket.

-Next, I glued the ribbons down using hot glue at the ends of each ribbon & a couple places in the middle of both the purple & green ribbons. If you only wrapped your ribbon halfway around your pail (like I did), you can hot glue 2 pretty buttons to each raw edge end of the ribbons.

-Hot glue your large sticker or cutout onto your pail. I centered mine & placed it directly onto the ribbons.

-Add flowers & enjoy! Viola! An easy Easter update!


Easter bunnies are sweet, but Jesus is the sweetest! 
The Easter Bunny Cometh

ring - ModCloth - $9.99
ring holder - Urban Outfitters - $12
umbrella - TopShop - $30
pouch - Mulberry
salad mixer - ModCloth - $15

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  1. What a sweet craft! Thank you for sharing, Miss Bess! :)


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