Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Challenge 2

Easter Challenge 2

Sure, you’ve probably heard/read the story all your life, but why not take time out this Easter to read it again…privately to yourself – don’t rush through it, but seek to soak up each verse & its meaning for not only the entire vastness of humanity, but to little ole’ you. You know, ‘you’ doesn’t seem that little after you read what the Creator of the universe did to see that you had a way to be with Him forever – if you’d just take it.

These words are some of the most powerful to me…
“But He {Jesus} was wounded for the wrong we did; He was crushed for the evil we did. The punishment which made us well, was given Him, & we are healed because of His wounds.” Isaiah 53:5 NCV (emphasis mine)

Where to find the Easter story…

NOTE: You may want to read a few chapters before &/or after, depending on how much of the details (such as the triumphal entry into Jerusalem; cleansing of the temple) surrounding the crucifixion & resurrection you want to read.

An account is found in each one of the gospels. Here’s where to find them all…

Matthew 26-28
Mark 13-16
Luke 22-24
John 13-21


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