Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peace for the Survivors

John 14:27

The southeast US has been hit heavy by monstrous tornados that seemed to pile upon one another & swarm over communities with many blows.  Nine fatalities have been uncovered in my very close to where I live where a tree fell on a home.  Thankfully, myself & my family were all kept safe with no damage other than small downed tree limbs.  Thank You, God!  Please join in praying for all those families that lost loved ones & suffered damage.  It's crazy, there's trees down around the area pulled up by the roots & in some communities it's like everything's been smashed & turned into firewood.  All that I've suffered is no power since yesterday early afternoon & some ruined freezer/fridge food {which I'm ashamed to say I grumbled about.}  When I think about how some lost family members, friends, & their very homes, I know I've been blessed & can't complain.  Thankfully, my mom & stepdad have power - so I'm over here for awhile.  I can remember back when we had some major damage from a tornado a few years ago - this year we made it through safe.  I had one scary moment this time around, however, - I was at my apartment alone when all this was happening - when I did climb in my tub & place a pillow over my head, as I heard some frightening banging noises above - thankfully, it was only powerful winds tossing things around & ripping some of the trim off my neighbors chimney.  It's hard to know what to do after these things happen - the folks on tv say they've got enough volunteers & don't want extra people coming into areas at the moment... but I know at least I can pray.


Dear Father,

Thank you for delivering my family safely through these terrible storms & tornados.  Please be with all those that lost loved ones & friends.  Wrap Your arms around them & may they know You as their Lord, so that true peace can comfort their aching hearts.  To those with aching hearts for lost homes & great damage, bring comfort, as well - hold them together & bring people together to help each other.  Bring Your peace that passes understanding to those who don't know where or how they will fall asleep tonight.  Please be with those hurt & also those missing survivors that may still be unaccounted for; Father, please keep them alive & let them be found by rescuers soon.  Please let there be miracles & good to come out of all this & we praise You again for all of the protection You have given to us.

In Jesus' Name,

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  1. Praise God for keeping you safe! Hope everything stays ok.



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