Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Hip to be Square Wreath Tutorial

Have I mentioned my angst against a computerless apartment? Oh. I have? Okay, I’ll try to stop, because I really do have loads of blessings + a heavenly Daddy who loves me. {So who needs to complain? Sigh. I just miss you guys (i.e. gals)!}

I’ve so missed creating tutorials on here, too! So, let’s begin – shall we?

It’s Hip to be Square Wreath Tutorial

What You’ll Need:
-frame (without glass or backing)
-silk flowers
-scrapbook paper
-hot glue gun

It all happened one day as I was strolling through my favorite thrift shop... There’s an aisle devoted to pictures/frames…& more often than not there’s picture frames without glass or backing. What can you do with those? Hmmm… My mind started turning & this tutorial was born!
-Begin to wrap the twine tightly around the frame {*starting near one corner*}, securing the end of the twine with hot glue, & hot gluing every so often.
-Wrap corners carefully, planning them out before you add any hot glue. I sort of went at an angle & then brought it to the other side & started right after the corner – thus some of my bare frame corners show, but I will later cover them with silk flowers or a sticker. {As this was my 1st time crafting wreaths from frames, I’m still working on some of the process.} =)
-Add silk blooms to the frame with hot glue + a sticker, with a scrapbook paper matte {cut slightly larger than the sticker} on a piece of cardboard.

Ta da! You could add a loop of ribbon to hang it if you’d prefer, or just hang it with a wreath hanger. There’s so many variations to this, too! Here’s some more ideas:

Wrap frame in…
-ribbon; scraps of fabric; wire; lace; burlap; spray paint it…

-photos; seashells; buttons; pompoms; brooches; bows; house numbers; paint; faux butterflies/birds…

It is hip to be square!


P.S.: My back-less, glass-less frame cost only about 30 cents at the thrift store!


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  2. Thanks for your comments, guys!



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