Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Challenge 3

Challenge 3

This Easter Sunday, there’ll likely be several new faces {perhaps the one you invited =)} milling uncertainly about your sanctuary. Let someone new know that you’re glad she/he’s there! Whether they’re a visitor or someone you just usually don’t seek out, find someone new to greet with love. That person is someone for whom God sent His only Son to die – they’re special – just like you. Let them know it. That’s one of the messages of the cross…that we’re treasured by the One who made us. Perhaps, you could invite the newbie to a Sunday School class or other church event. Ask questions about where they live, work, go to school, etc. – people generally love to answer. Compliment an older lady’s attire or shake an elderly man’s hand warmly & introduce yourself. Hand them a bulletin & let them know about your church, preacher, & congregation. Introduce them to others. We’re called to love like Jesus loves. That’s a big order, cause He loved us with His whole life, & in the end He loved us more than life. Let’s start going out of our way to show this love. Remember how Jesus washed His disciples’ feet (John 13:1-20)? The King of Kings took on the position of a humble, lowly servant to show His love! After doing this He says, “I did this as an example so that you should do as I have done for you.” –John 13:15, NCV. A few verses later, Christ issues this – not a suggestion, plea, or idea – but a "command", “I give you a new command: Love each other. You must love each other as I have loved you. All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other.” –John 13:34-35, NCV. Even today, our love shows the world that we belong to Christ Jesus. Love is a command.


P.S.: I'm already practicing, see! =)

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