Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding: 2011

There’s something magical & inwardly stirring about the word princess. The same is true, with perhaps slightly lesser rank, of happily ever after & true love… because, honey, you can be a princess with problems just so’s long as you’re a princess. =) Isn’t our {or mine, at least} thought pattern strange. Being a princess is not all fairy tale lights, glass slippers, & dreamy coach rides. In fact, it’s giving up much: other career aspirations, freedom to come & go as you please, to act silly in public on the occasion that you feel so, to do as you like… It’s sacrifice, not just grace; it’s bothersome, not just beautiful.

There’s an inner part of most every girl & woman that yearns for princess-ship. Something in the title calls to each of us by name with promises to sweep us off our feet & make us regal, beloved, special, dazzling, & worthy. But, dear un-common girl, you are all those! The King of Kings – the one true King, our Lord – gave up His most prized possession, His Son, Christ Jesus, for you… &, in fact, one day your Prince will come {for all those who accept His gift of sacrifice & become part of His royal line} & you will live happily ever after. Now that you know your story’s end, & that you are, indeed, a princess, live like one.

“Now if we are {God’s} children, then we are heirs - heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.” –Romans 8:17

{H.R.H.} -Bess-

Did you watch today’s royal festivities with Kate & William? I did in the wee, unkind hours of the morning – that seem least regal. Wasn’t H.R.H. Kate’s dress queenly modest & divine, & her in it? It was all sweet & lovely – from the little girls holding Pippa’s {Kate’s sis} hands, to the royal double kiss on the balcony, to the scripture read {from my favorite book of Romans}, to the choir lads young & old, to the push to get the ring onto the now Duchess of Cambridge’s finger {I do wish the Queen would have granted her the title princess, though – but she will forever be}. Here’s some of the highlights in case you missed it…

-bridesmaids & pageboys enter Westminster-

-Princess Catherine enters Westminster-

-walking down the aisle-

-royal vows-

-carriage ride-

-kisses on the balcony-


  1. Lovely post Bess! You are so right... thank you for the reminder :).


  2. I watched some of it from around 8 this morning to 9, I think. Her wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous though!

    ~ Chy


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