Monday, June 18, 2012

Camp Craft: 'Let's Read' Bookends

Let’s face it, I’m bookish to a fault! Bookish Bess, that’s me! That small gigantic fact inspired the following Camp Craft session. Okay, gather round the campfire! I really like this one! 

-classic metal library-style bookends (2) 
-large 3-D letters that spell out “read” {mine are wooden letters from Michael’s Craft Store’s $1 section (which I love)} 
 -hot glue gun or super glue {I used the handy hot glue gun} 
-spray paint {optional}

What to Do: Okay, so first off at the fabulous Michael’s I found these sturdy wooden letters for $1 each in their cute little $1 section. The thing was, you couldn't choose which colors you got – certain letters were certain colors & that’s that. When I picked out the READ letters, the R & D were the same pink shade, so I decided to take some glossy pumpkin orange spray paint to it. I also spray painted my metal bookends pink {cause I happened to have that spray on hand}. Next, practice arranging your letters how you want them to appear on your bookends. I tried a variety of poses before I made my final decision. Then, using either hot glue or super glue, affix the letters to the bookends {in my case, I glued the E to the base & then the R on top - & then on the opposite bookend, the side of the A to the side of the bookend & the D to the side of the A}. Finally, let the bookends embrace a selection of tomes. So sweet! 

More Inspiration: You don’t have to spell out READ, you know. You could spell BOOK or TOME {a fancy word for book} or use your initials. There’s lots of ways to go! 

Bookish Love, 

P.S.: How are you liking Camp Craft?  Is this kind of thing something you like?  Let me know!

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  1. Super cute! Camp Craft is a lot of fun! Thanks so much for setting this up.

    Anastasia :-)


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