Thursday, June 28, 2012

4th of July {No-Bake} Frozen Cake Pops + Idea Booklet

Can't believe it's almost July!  How do you like the patriotic blog makeover for the 4th?  Here's another no bake recipe for ya...

I still don't cook.  Sad.  But, I don't let that get me down when I can make these sweet treats!  All you need are large popsicle sticks, patriotic-themed snack cakes, & a freezer {the freezer part is really optional, cause you could easily eat these chilled in the fridge or at room temperature}.      

Unwrap snack cakes (2) & place on popsicle stick, wrap in cellophane, stick in the freezer, enjoy whenever you want!

Fab 4th Idea Booklet...

another sweet no bake treat

decorate your bike & make your own parade

try a patriotic pun on for size

pretzel rods to make Betsy Ross smile

firework-perfect popcorn bags

healthy red, white, & blue breakfast

Source: via Paige on Pinterest

make it an easy-peasy cleanup

patriotic hot dog couture

USA stenciled trays

adorable ribbon & paper wreath

canning jar glasses with fabric lids

simple yet chic patriotic art

Hope you found some ideas for your 4th celebration!

Patriotic Love,

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