Thursday, June 28, 2012

I ❤ Thursday: Patriotic Wear

It's Thursday & I'm loving patriotic 
July 4th style.

what I picture Princess Kate wearing if she were American royalty

well, Kate would likely carry a tiny clutch, but this, after all, is the USA, darling

understated patriot {sorta a 'just went surfing' vibe}

classy 4th {I heart this dress mega-time (it's feminine, modest, vintage, modern... it has it all)}

just add a patriotic-colored scarf

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

try a red, white, & blue hair accessory

painted striped clutch + sheer polka dots = vintage uniqueness

preppy picnic {Jackie Kennedy style}

the go-to cotton flag tee

couldn't resist adding this ad

I ❤ Thursday Love,

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