Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Picnic

Picnic Season

My heart is giddy for it is picnic season once more! =) Something about dining outside, red gingham cloth, marching ants {well, maybe not}, vintage wicker baskets, prickly green grass, an idyllic view... it just gets me right in the ole ticker! It does me good to escape outdoors to God's magnificent creation & have a picnic. What about you? 

 Picnic-y Ideas... 
{next 4 images are via Pinterest}
use a vintage sheet for the perfect blanket + to line your basket

canning jar glasses with cupcake liner lids keep the flies away

skewer watermelon slices onto popsicle sticks {use a cookie cutter to cut out your slices for extra cuteness}
Instant Picnic

Picnic-y Style Lookbook...
Picnic Style

Don't Forget the Spoons

'Beet' of a Different Drum

Texan Picnic

Forecast: Clear Skies

Basket Case

Picnic-y Love, 

 P.S.: Now go on a picnic... be it in your backyard, the beach, a local park, or some exotic locale! That's another reason I love picnics, it doesn't matter which of the above places you have it - it's just that you have it & wherever that may be is magic!

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