Sunday, June 10, 2012

Camp Craft: 10 Things to Do With a Rubber Stamp

Welcome to Camp Craft – Session 1! 
Are you guilty of it, too? Do you have a growing rubber stamp collection gathering dust somewhere in your jumbled craft supplies? They’re so irresistible & cute that I found myself purchasing them here & there & then putting them away never to be seen from again. That is, until now. Here are 10 ideas worth dusting off your rubber stamps for…

{Click the pictures for a close-up!}

1. Make your own stationary.

2. Add a decorative edge to a book.  

3. Make your own wrapping paper.
{Bonus Tip: To create the perfect polka dot stamp (as shown in the picture) use a fresh pencil's eraser tip!}

4. Brush on fabric paint for ink & embellish your clothes.  

5. Make your own gift tags.  

6. Create a decorative flower pot stake.  

7. Make your own bookmark.  

8. Use non-toxic ink to create an instant temporary tattoo.  

9. Frame your stamp art to decorate your room.  

10. Embellish your photographs.  

I hope you enjoyed this 1st segment of Camp C., &, more importantly, that you were inspired!  These were all so fun {& simple} to create!  Hope you'll try some of em' out!  Be sure to come back for s'more of Camp Craft @ Bess' Bag all summer long!  Oh my, I couldn't resist a good {or not so good} camp pun.  Sorry!    

Camp Craft Love,

P.S.: I've had this post ready for days, but Blogger has been giving me fits.  Sorry it took so long, girls! =)


  1. Super cool!

    I don't know if I have any rubber stamps...I might have to go get some. ;-)


  2. So cute. I have the opposite problem...I don't have that many stamps. :( Hopefully, I'll change that soon when I go to a HUGE JoAnne's craft store this July with a friend in L.A. {ooh, that might be dangerous}. :D

    love ya sis,


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