Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"The High Calling" Weekly E-Newsletter Review

Each week The High Calling releases an e-newsletter out into the wide wide world wide Web.  This free e-newsletter typically showcases a new audio segment that can be listened to {or read, if preferred}, 3 new articles, & a new video segment.  The tag line of The High Calling, "Everyday conversations about work, life, & God," is a good one line mission statement for the site, which focuses on living fully as you meander career paths & the ups & downs of the workplace & life in general.  

The articles were encouraging & easy to read + not too lengthy.  Both the audio & video were of excellent quality, creative, & inspiring in subject {these were my favorites}. The faults I found were there was little to no scripture, which would have enhanced the pieces further & the majority of the articles were more simple encouragement, than spiritual depth, like a liquid Chicken Soup for the Soul diet, rather than a deep nourishing spiritual meal founded upon scripture & the Word.    

Here's a link to past e-newsletters to browse: here

Here's the video from the e-newsletter I reviewed:

Check out The High Calling e-newsletter for yourself!  


I received a $10 gift card from Handlebar Publishing for my honest 
review of The High Calling's e-newsletter.

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