Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{Early Spring} Cleaning

It's nearly springtime & I really want to get organized & have a general cleaning spree!  One such area that I'm working on is my "craft" closet.  It's not a total "craft closet" as I store my DVDs in there & various other things that I want to hide away {i.e.: jam in whenever anyone comes by & close the door quick so they won't fall out}.  So, it's in definite need of a cleaning.

I'm still working on it, but I've made progress {what a nice word}.  The lovely chevron striped clear containers are perfect for corralling crafting supplies & they came from none other than the Dollar Tree!  Yes, they were $1 each!  Since I'm on this cleaning kick, I thought why not go all the way & add labels to em?  So I used some printable sticker labels I had.  Eventually, thanks to my hodge-podge collection of supplies, I ran out of labeling ideas & simply went with "odds," "ends," & "sundry things" for three of the containers. =)  

Another Dollar Tree organizational find were these mini baskets I use in my laundry area.  They were actually packaged two together {so it's like .50 cents each essentially}.  Since they sport holes, I decided to hang them on the wall {just measure & use two nails (one for the first hole in the top row & one for the last hole in the top row)}.  

Are you going-to/doing any spring cleaning?  What are your tips?

Spring Cleaning Love,

P.S.: Did you know you can use tennis balls in the dryer instead of dryer sheets?  You can, just toss 2-3 clean balls in {it makes more racket =), but it's green & thrifty - it's especially good for items with down (feathers)}!   

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