Monday, March 25, 2013

Making Ribbon Labels {With Stamps}

I happen to like labels, whether it's a practical label telling me what's inside a container or a more whimsical label that just adds some extra flair.  This spring I've been adding some of both to my apt. through creating ribbon labels!  Here's how you can do it, too... 

For this project you'll need ribbon, scissors, alphabet stamps, & stamping ink.  If you don't have alphabet stamps you could use a fine point Sharpie instead.  

Stamp {or write} your word on your ribbon & tie around your container!  Pretty simple, huh?  These look great on mason jars, vases, pencil cups, cookie jars, flower pots, decorative boxes, etc.  Experiment with different ribbon widths & ink colors.  Here's some word choices for your more whimsical labels: bloom, grow, sprout, fresh, water me, blossom...  

Here's pics of how I incorporated my ribbon labels into my spring decor...

Love & Happy Spring Nesting,

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