Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Upcycling Plastic Easter Eggs {Part 2}

Remember how back in this post I upcycled plastic Easter eggs?  Well, I'm at it again!  This time I'm spelling out the word Easter - I saw a similar decoration at Target made out of wooden eggs, which cost around $12.  Depending on what you have in your stash, this DIY one will only cost around $2!

All you need are 6 plastic Easter eggs & chipboard letters that spell out the word Easter.  Use low heat hot glue to attach your letters to each egg.  Then, using the same glue, affix the sides of the eggs together.  Lastly, you could hot glue the bottoms of the eggs to a ruler if you like, so they'll stand up on their own.  Easy-peasy!  


P.S.: Here's a couple bonus Easter printables I made for you guys!  Right click & save each image to your computer, open in a word document, resize if necessary, print, & enjoy!

art printable
 bunny door hanger

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