Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upcycling Plastic Easter Eggs

Can you believe it's March {& at the end of this month it'll be Easter}?  The arrival of springtime, not to mention the swiftness of the calendar, always surprise me.  Last night I stayed up rather late upcycling some plastic Easter eggs & I thought I'd share this little fun DIY with ya...  

All you do is take plastic eggs {like the ones above}, & embellishments & trims {like the ones below (whatever you've got in your craft supplies)}, & add a little glue {hot glue works best since it dries quickly}.       

Here's the end product...

These were just fun to make... & now fun to display around my place!  Go ahead, dig out the plastic eggs from all those past hunts, & go to town!

Crafting Love,

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