Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Such a 'God Thing'

God Things

Sometimes things just happen that can only be described as “God things.” Circumstances meld together in mysterious ways & you become witness to something special & amazing. Today I witnessed my own little miracle - like a package wrapped & marked ‘hope’ - presented by the Father.

I was about to go for an important appointment. I had been praying constantly about it, but I decided to bow my head once more before I left. My prayers for this always included, “Your will be done,” & “If it’s Your will than let it happen, please Lord.” In my mind I heard the lyrics of a DC Talk song from back in the day, “Cause if it’s Your will than nothing can shake me.” I prayed for the peace to know that no matter what it would turn out as God had planned, just like the song that interrupted my thoughts said.

Fast forwarding a bit, I went to the appointment & everything went well; I felt God give me the words to say. As I was driving home from the meeting & listening to one of my favorite radio stations {that typically plays new & contemporary Christian tunes}, guess what song came on? Yes, DC Talk’s “My Will!” Now, this may not seem big to you, but I just knew it was God {He often uses my car radio to “talk” to me} =) telling me it’s going to be okay; no matter what His will, it is just right for me. I just need to trust Him. Yes, a random late 90s song coming on my radio out of the blue was such a “God thing!” Thank You, Father, for Your words! Whatever Your will may it be done in my life.


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  1. That's so neat. Music definitely speaks to me as well.

    I don't know what's happening in your life medically, but you are in my prayers.

    <3 Gabrielle


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