Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Ideas For The Young At Heart

Happily =) continuing with the April ‘Kid Stuff’ series…

10 Kiddie Activities That Are Fun At Any Age

1. Fly a kite.

2. Host a tea party.

3. Play dress-up. (You know you’re dying for an excuse to wear that boa!=)

4. Go see an animated feature at the movies (or pop one in the VCR/DVD).

5. Finger paint!

6. Go to the park & play.

7. Visit the children’s section of your local library & choose a few good titles to take home. (I’ll be posting some of my top kiddie lit & flick choices in the near future=).

8. Order a Happy Meal. (You can always give the toy to a tot you know, or keep it as a memento. (I feel like the fabulous rhyming Dr. Seuss.=))

9. Host a slumber party for you & some of your Christian sisses.

10. Get out the old Candy Land, Shoots & Ladders, checkers, etc. & have a tournament.


My next post is sure to be something very special...
(It's all in the numbers!
That's all I'm going to say!)
Keep your peepers open! =)

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  1. Fun stuff there Bess!! I've got my eyes on you just like you said to do :o ;)


  2. Hi, Bess! Just wanted to leave my favorite sister a little note to say "hi." Hope that you are having a spledid spring day!!!

  3. I tagged you on my blog!!!

    Allison Elizabeth ♥


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