Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Tutorial: Mini Treat Basket (+ Decorating Ideas)

Happy Good Friday! I’ve got a special Easter tutorial for ya! Who says they just have to be on Tuesdays?

Mini Treat Basket:
1. Get one of those single serving apple sauce cups & wash it out good. Eat contents first! =)
2. Punch two holes in sides of cup with heavy duty hole puncher. If you don’t have one of these you can hot glue the ribbon handle to the inside of the cup.
3. Cut a length of ribbon to go around your cup. My container had an expiration date on the side, so I easily covered it with my ribbon. Fold one end of the ribbon back so no raw edges show! Hot glue ribbon around container.
4. Next, add an accent to the ribbon by hot gluing/affixing a button, sticker, etc. NOTE: You might want to add your accent to wherever you ribbon ends meet around the container to hide them (Even if you did fold one end over so there’s no raw edge. If you want to do this make sure you make the ends meet where you want to place your accent!=)
5. Insert ribbon into your punched holes (or glue to side) & knot (see photo).
6. Insert a cupcake/muffin paper cup into your basket & add a special treat! Tada! A special homemade Easter gift for someone you love! I’m giving mine to my mom, so I affixed a little tag that reads “Mother” on the other side (not visible in photo). You could also affix a Bible verse!

Easter Decorating Inspiration:
Here are some photos to give you some Easter decorating ideas! I used some marble eggs of my mom’s + some things of mine.

-Using white paper Easter grass (which really came from the packaging of something I bought a while back=), I created a nest with three marble eggs nestled inside (you could easily use plastic eggs). The momma bird image was printed off the computer.
-These darling Easter cups came from a visit to The Cracker Barrel the other day. They were only .99 regular price + they were 25% off at the store I visited! I got two for myself (great for a hope chest). They are so sweet & lovely, aren’t they?
-My place setting was created using a doily over the plate, an origami pink box (with cupcake paper cup), pink marble egg, & Peter Rabbit cutout. The card & mini treat basket are, of course, from tutorials I created (visit my sidebar to find the label “tutorials” in my set to view these & all my crafts).

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