Friday, April 9, 2010

Plan A Visit To "Novel Pretender" - Blog Interview!

Jane is certainly not plain! Don’t know Jane? She’s the super cool girl behind the blog “Novel Pretender.” I like to think of her as my pal! =) (Hope you feel the same, Jane.) As you may have deducted from her title, she’s got bookish ambitions (she’s christened her laptop “Maud,” after L.M. Montgomery=), but you’ll find lots more than writing projects, poetry, & sundry other “novel”ties on her blog! She’s a college girl with a job at a library (my first job was in a library – perfect place for scribbling writers – we definitely are kindred spirits, Jane =), & a love for her Heavenly Father that always shines through! We sat down “cyber-ly” for a chat a couple weeks ago, & if you promise to visit her blog we’ll give you a peek. Promise? Okay, now pinkie -swear! Good.
Here it is…

Bess: Why did you choose to create & keep a blog?

Jane: Because I love to write! I started it very casually last year, for my friends & family to read. I never ever expected to get other readers. Recently I started reading some other blogs, & they inspired me to start keeping mine consistently again. Since then I’ve gotten seven more followers! [Bess: Now you’ve got even more – 20 at last count! Yippee!] I’m really enjoying the experience of keeping a blog, & I hope to continue it for a long time.

Bess: What’s a reader likely to find on your blog?

Jane: Bible verse, sewing projects, the occasional tutorial, book reviews, poetry, fashion, historical costumes, my thoughts, & more!

Bess: Fill us in on some of your hobbies.

Jane: Reading, writing, occasionally sewing, geo-caching with friends, drinking coffee, singing, making up treasure hunts, Tae Kwon Do, making movies, playing with my siblings…

Bess: Take the first letter of your name & create 1 word (that starts with that 1st letter) to describe you! What’s the word?

Jane: Joyful

Bess: Tell us about your relationship to Christ. =)

Jane: I have considered myself a Christian almost my entire life. I grew up in a Christian home & accepted Christ into my life when I was young… but recently it has become more to me. God has been working in my life & making my faith a personal thing. I was apathetic about my faith before because I had always taken it for granted. One thing I’ve been working on lately is making God my hiding place, instead of hiding from the things in this world that I’m afraid of. My biggest fear is probably what other people think of me. I have always felt the need to have the approval of others. What I am trying to learn is that all I need is God’s approval & that I can do all things…even hard things…through Christ who strengthens me. : )

"Novel Pretender" LINK:

I feel like I should say “Amen” after that last part! Amen, girls! =) So, you know you want to check out Jane’s blog now… What are you waiting for? Visit “Novel Pretender”! (P.S.: Tell her, Bess sent you! =)

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