Thursday, April 29, 2010

G'day, Szia, & Magandang Hapon Po!

Okay, I totally hope I did not just offend anyone! I got these phrases off the Internet (well, the last 2 at least=). Just the other day I got this fun new little gadget called "Flag Counter." It keeps a count of the countries (& their flags, of course) that visit your site (for free, to boot=)! So, I just discovered Bess' Bag has been visited by Australia, Hungary, & the Philippines! So exciting to think about! =)

A BIG welcome to all my readers, but especially those outside the U.S. - I'm just SO glad you chose to stop by - hope this blog is a blessing to you! Feel free to leave a comment sharing the country where you live & what it's like to live there! I love learning about new & different places & cultures! =)

To get your own Flag Counter for your site or blog click here:

Aren't you glad He's got the whole world in His hands? It's amazing to try & think about how God created this amazing planet with all its animals, plants, seas, & people!


  1. Awwww, Bess! Thank you so much! You have been the best sister!!! Yes, I knew the moment that I met you that you and I were kindred spirits too, but you are much more than that; you are the greatest sister!!!
    Our sistership has been a real blessing, and will always be cherished!
    Sisters in Christ Forever!

  2. Hi Bess!
    I live in Northern (r-e-a-l-l-y Northern) Ohio.

    It would be interesting to hear where other readers are from.

    Have a great day!
    Allison Elizabeth ♥


Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by Bess' Bag - I love these "little visits!" Feel free to leave your respectful insight here... =)