Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Think Pink!

I've heard it said that there is a complimentary shade of pink for every woman - a certain unique rosy tint that simply looks sublime on the girl (there are lots of pinkish hues to choose from), & now that you've witnessed the pink folly from the 1957 Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire "fashion"able musical Funny Face, don't you agree? Shame that neither Audrey or Fred was a part of that number!

-My Pink Picks-
Liberty of London Pink Bucket Hat - - $12

Xhilaration Pink Capri Tights/Leggings - - $5

Bon Giorno Scarf in Verona - - $11.99

Pink Canvas Sliders - - $6

-Some Pink Polyvore Fun-

Pretty in Pink

This set was created by the wonderful Ashley Nicole over at "Bramblewood Fashion." Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't - so fun & fashion-y!

-My Think Pink Look-

What I've donned:

Pink Silk Blouse - Sag Harbour - Thrift Store

Navy Ribbon Belt - Thrift Store

Skinny Jeans - Mix It - JCPenney

Pink Croc Style Flats - Payless? - Yard Sale

So, are you a fan of pink? Do you have a favorite shade? If you love pink, check out my giveaway for a dreamy pink beaded handbag + more! Click on the button in my sidebar! Remember there is one way to enter & then 3 extra ways (for a total of 4 if you do it all=). Yep, you could have your name in the pot 4 times! The giveaway ends this Saturday!

Remember inner beauty is the most beautiful of all! Make sure your actions are beautiful & glorify our Heavenly Father! =)

Lots of Love From Your Sis In Christ,



  1. Those are all really cute things! I have a bright pink linen skirt I bought on eBay, but I don't know what color top to wear with it. Is there anything besides white that matches with pink?

  2. Hey Shaynie,

    I'm glad you liked the post! =) Actually, I do think that pink can be paired with more than just classic white. Though, I'd say it depends on the shade of pink (& the style of skirt may impact it a little, too). If it's a very pastel-y/lighter shade of pink you could likely pair it with another pastel top (say, pale yellow or even blue). Pink paired with green or orange makes quite a statement, too (especially if the pink is a bright shade) - but that look can be too much for some, but if you're brave enough & like it, you could really pull it off. I suggest experimenting with some of your tops & seeing what you like! Hope that helps ya! Feel free to ask more questions if it didn't! =)

    Blessings to ya,
    P.S.: Yes, I'm showcasing more outfit posts for you! Ask & you shall receive! =)

  3. Hi Bess! That helps a lot. I've paired green with a very pale pink before, but this skirt is PINK! :) I might try yellow. Or blue.

  4. Bess, you have an award waiting on my blog!


  5. wow your pink outfit looks so adorable! the color really suits you =)

  6. I couldn't agree more about the pink thing! Pink is great!!!


  7. I love the outfit Bess, very cute!! I love the blouse!The skinny jeans look great with this outfit! I wouldn't normally say that skinny jeans look good with any outfit, but this one is perfect w/ them! :D


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