Tuesday, April 6, 2010

‘Kid Stuff’ (+ Freebies)

Hi there! I hope you all had a joyous Easter! I’ve got some special posts planned for April - & they center around…kid stuff! Did you know Celine (“Iradessa” Blog) is hosting an upcoming challenge: “Fashion Week for Dolls”? Well, she is, & in honor of all things nostalgic & child-like, I’m planning some fun posts for the little girl in all of us! Be sure to visit “Iradessa” to check out the challenge details! Click the button in my sidebar.

Bye-bye for now!


P.S.: Here’s the freebies I promised you-

-Visit your nearest Hallmark store to receive a free card in their new kids’ line. You can choose from about 9 different cards valued at $1.99!

-Be sure to click the cassette in my sidebar to get the latest Songs of the Moment (I chose 2 for this month!=). While you’re there check out the other free Christian tunes available! There are quite a few new ones!

-If you’re one of those blessed girls who has their own pony (i.e.: every little girl’s dream=), click the link below to get a free complimentary sample of treats for your horse!


  1. thank you for mentioning my event!

  2. Hi :) your blog is so cute! I love the background :) thanks so much for stopping by my blog, It makes me so happy when I see that I have a new comment :) thanks for the link for the horse treats, my horses are going to be exited when they get here :D
    ~a sister in Christ~


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