Saturday, October 9, 2010

Attention Nancy Drew Fans!

Hello! I just wanted to offer you the very 1st invitation to my new Nancy Drew inspired blog! Yes, as most know I’m a true blue Nancy fan, so in honor of the girl super sleuth & her 80th anniversary, I’ve created Nancy’s Notebook! I do hope you’ll stop by for a visit & mystery-filled fun!

Click here to visit Nancy's Notebook!

Most Cordially,

P.S.: Yes, I do know it’s somewhat silly of me to still be such a Nancy fan, but hey, that’s me for ya! =)
P.P.S.: I'm so looking forward to Bramblewood Fashion's Modest Fall event starting tomorrow!  Check back here then for my ensemble + click the sidebar link for more info!


  1. Hey Bess!

    So excited about your new blog :) This is your follower #2 (Ashley got there faster than me :P) I look forward to your posts and learning about Nancy because *ahem* I actually haven't read Nancy Drew yet! (I will soon, I promise.) Thanks for your sweet note about the buttons :) I certainly pray to become an outstanding girl of God. And...since you've started a new blog, may I "technicalise" your buttons, too? (I would totally love to do that!)

    Love love love,

  2. PS. I can't figure out how to comment on your other blog...?

  3. How neat!!! I immediately became a follower of your new notebook! Clever idea, Bess.
    Many Blessings,

  4. Your a girl after my own heart! (Or, I'm a girl after your heart, I'm not sure) lol But Of course I will follow! I am also a HUGE Nancy Drew fan. I also just stared a blog dedicated to Nancy Drew, only my blog is about the games. Check it out if you can!

    Thanks!!! ~Sammy (Sammy's Blog)


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