Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip: 10 Fun Things to Do in the Fall

What to Do in the Fall

1. Take a stroll outside & listen for the pleasant crunch of leaves. Whether you hit the hiking trail, park, neighborhood sidewalk, or your own backyard get out & enjoy the beautiful handiwork of God – the greatest artist ever (+ no art museum ticket purchase necessary)!

2. Make pretty leaf rubbings. Gather up some leaves (maybe when you go on your above mentioned walk=). Then, lay your leaves under a sheet of printer paper (or other thin paper) in a design or pattern. Shade over them rapidly with a colored pencil. Ta da! Lovely autumn art!

3. Read a good mystery novel. This time of year is perfect to snuggle down & fall into a chilling tale of mysterious goings on. I, of course, recommend Nancy Drew + some vintage mystery titles from author Judith St. George. Check your local library for more.

4. Try a sip of hot apple cider, a slice of spicy pumpkin pie, a handful of sugary candy corn, or some other fall-ish fare. Yum eats!

5. Make a cozy no-sew fleece cape with Disney’s tutorial over at "Ruffles & Stuff."


6. Rake up those colorful remnants of autumn for your family &/or neighbors who aren’t able to on their own. Be a willing servant to others in Jesus’ name!

7. Count your blessings! “Name them one by one” as the old hymn reads.

8. Check your local area & see what special seasonal activities are available. From hayrides, pumpkin patches, cornfield mazes, apple orchards, & church fall festivals find something fun for the whole family & make some memories.

9. Paint a pumpkin! Give it a silly face, your family’s initial, house number, or whatever. Get creative! (That sounds strange…get artsy with vegetables.=)

10. Mail someone you love a fall greeting, complete with pressed leaves (from nature / sandwich leaves in between a heavy book to press). Just think how surprised they’ll be to open up a card & have colorful autumn leaves fall out!


  1. I am too busy right now with school to take leisurely walks, but I always swerve to step on crunchy leaves! That brightens my day instantly.

  2. I love walks, and they are even more beautiful in the fall. And I love the reminder to drink hot apple cider... I need to get some!

    Great post! I came here through Amber Noella's blog.

  3. I love this post, and fall! Thanks so much for inspiring me! My favorite one would have to be the walk outside. We have so many leaves on the ground here all ready. I'm in love!

  4. What great ideas, Bess!


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