Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bess' Autumn Lookbook (Leaflet 2) + Special Announcement

Fall Capes

Coats of Many Colors

Swiss Miss

The Glittery Baseball Jacket

Fur Bags

Here's the News...
I've added what I like to call "Bess' Modest Style Mixer" to the bottom of the blog!  Using handpicked wardrobe pieces you can create custom combinations for modest style inspiration!  If you have a Polyvore account you can even publish your creations for all to see!  Don't have a Polyvore account?  No sweat, you can still have fun making fashionable sets, they just won't be savable.  Go on, create a fashion plate on Bess' Bag!
P.S.: Be wise with your time & make your fashion plates God pleasing!
P.P.S.: I'm already thinking of the contest possibilities here!


  1. ooooh, contest! I was just on polyvore & then saw you posted, & think it's a cool idea that you can make like, mini sets!

    Love ya!

  2. The Bess' Modest Style Mixer is cool :) I'll have fun playing around with it :)


  3. That is so cool; the fashion maker is so fun!
    I noticed that you figured out how to make buttons with their HTML codes. The website that helped me make mine has shut down, and HTML codes are so useful for giveaways and such. How did you make them?
    Lots of Love, dearest!


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