Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Eclectic Keychain Mix (D&G Inspired!)

The Eclectic Keychain

It was a quirky surprise to see these eccentric bauble-mixes flopping around on D&G’s handbags during the fall 2010 runway shows. The brightly colored combinations of pom poms, keys, star-shaped carabiner clips, tiny crocheted dolls, etc. has a true childlike appeal. It’s a real contrast to the tan & brown classic leather bags they appear on…the bags that have an almost business-like feel.

So, what’s a crafty frugal fashionista to do, but recreate the look?!
Here’s how…
Search through what you have on hand. Find old metal keychain rings for your base. Look for beads, charms, tiny toys, etc. I secured a plastic doll’s brush, star-shaped bead, & purple Barbie glasses to a faux gold chain. I created a burgundy pom pom (see the video below to learn how) + I found a guitar-shaped carabiner clip at the Dollar Tree (it was in a package of 4=). Put ‘em all together on your keychain(s) & secure to your bag’s handle. Ta da! Straight from the runway for next to nothing!

I think I’ll add more to my keychain…I’m trying to scrounge up a woven lanyard like the ones shown + a key.

Crafting Love,

P.S.: I love the mini doll, too! Isn’t she adorable? =)

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