Monday, February 18, 2013

Because {Doxology Rock} Rocks!

You know I love me some stylish threads. =) But my greatest love in life is Jesus - I could be wearing dirty rags, but have my Savior - & that would be more than enough couture to get me through.  

Which brings me to a new company that ingeniously blends style with faith...  Doxology Rock specializes in limited edition tees {printed in the USA} & other accessories.  Their goods cause the wearer to "represent" their faith {which happens to be one of the slogans on their tees}. =)  

...& because Doxology Rock rocks so much they're giving you readers a discount code for 20% off on their site for the next 2 weeks {starting today 2/18/13}!  Go visit, shop, & don't forget your code!

your special discount code for 20% off:



Fashionable Faith for All,

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  1. I love the t-shirt designs on their shop! It'll be exciting to see what they come up with next. Thanks for sharing!


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