Monday, February 11, 2013

Bess' Bag's Printable Valentines Collection {For You!}

There's just something about paper Valentine cards that takes me back to the good ole days of elementary school.  Remember, how you'd fashion a mailbox of sorts out of a shoe box & eagerly wait for Valentines to be "delivered" - hoping there'd be a special one from the boy two desks over whom you had a crush on?  Yep, those were the days!  I still like to give paper Valentine's cards now that I've graduated beyond my elementary years {way beyond} =).  Just call me nostalgic, I guess.

In honor of Valentine's Day I've created the first ever Bess' Bag's Valentines Collection just for you!  Right click & save each set, open in a word document, re-size em {if you want}, print, cut them out, & give to those you love!  

I know that not everyone who reads Bess' Bag is single {like me}, so here's a few more "lovey-dovey" cards for that special someone...

Which card is your favorite?

Paper Valentine Love,

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