Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bess Style: Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous!  It's been a while since I've done one of these outfit posts {big understatement}, but when I went to my mom's today I took the camera along & she graciously took a few snapshots {Thanks, mom!}.  

Here's what I wore this February 14th:
gray turtleneck . . . Faded Glory {Walmart}
red plush rose top . . . Ann Taylor Loft {Thrifted}
gray skinny cargo pants . . . Mossimo {Target} 
red leather boots . . . Nicole {Thrifted} 

These are my favorite boots!  I found them at a local thrift store for about $6; they were in practically superb/like-new condition.  I got the red rose top at the same shop for around $2 or less {can't remember exactly} - it's like wearing a built in corsage; the roses really are 3-D & stand out like actual blossoms.

What did you wear this Valentine's Day?  Do you want to see more Bess Style on the blog?  Tomorrow Bess' Bag turns 3!

Style Love & Happy Val Day,


  1. I love your outfit. Perfect for Valentine's Day! I especially love the gray cargo pants and the red blouse!

    To be honest, I wore a sweatshirt and faded jeans. :) I stayed up late the night before working on scholarship forms, so I was super tired. Now, I wish I would have worn something pink or red.

    I would love to see more Bess Style!

  2. Gabrielle, thanks for your kind comment! Don't worry about it - most of the time I'm a jeans & tee girl myself. Actually I was busy making bracelets for my mom for Valentine's Day & I didn't even get dressed until late {I'm talking after 12:00 noon late}. =)

  3. Your outfit is so cute!

    I wore a green t-shirt and jeans. My socks were Valentine-themed though! Pink, with hearts and ladybugs, hehe.

    Happy Valentine's day!


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