Tuesday, February 5, 2013

'Tea for Two' Valentines {With Printable}

Nothing says, "I love you" quite like a hot cup of tea.  This truth inspired these Valentines!  Print them out & give the gift of love in tea-form this year!     

Here's What You Do:
Copy & paste the printable image above & open in a word document.  Next, size the image to fit your tea packaging {you may also need to copy & paste more than one set of labels & crop the images separately, depending on how you want to use them}.   You can simply wrap the paper label around your tea package & secure with tape or a little glue in the back or you can layer it over a larger strip of scrapbook paper {which is what I did with the blue package}.  I also chose to create my own package out of printer paper for one of the labels by cutting the paper, folding over, & using a glue stick to glue up the sides, & then folding over the paper at the top for the flap.  

Oh, & don't forget to add a heart for an extra touch!

Love & Tea,

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