Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Than Just a Box of Chocolates {A Last Minute Valentine Gift Guide}

The other day a guy left a comment asking about what to give his wife for Valentine’s Day beyond the standard flowers & chocolate go-to. Well, I’d be glad to help a brother out with some ideas! These could actually be used for just about any special someone in your life {parent, child, friend, etc.} - just tweak em a bit.

It’s not about how much you spend; it’s about your thoughtfulness. Don’t think monetary resources; think time & brain power. 
 Here’s some ideas to help you get started…

1. Take a deck of playing cards & write something you love about your Valentine on each one. Put a label on the front of the card box reading, “52 Things I Love About You!”

2. This may seem cheesy, but who doesn’t like cheese if it’s in the form of a handwritten love note? Pick out a card or some pretty stationary & write that special someone letting them know just how special they are! If you’ve got spy aspirations, you could sneak the note somewhere where they’re sure to find it {make sure it’s someplace they’ll look}… a backpack, purse, car dashboard or driver’s seat, drawer, lunchbox, etc.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

3. Purchase some really good takeout & go on a surprise picnic. It could even be cookies, a thermos of hot chocolate, & an evening of star gazing.

4. Secretly decorate your special one’s space. Be it front yard, car, room, front door… make a sign declaring your love, add a wreath, car/window paint, chalk, whatever you can find. You can also add bling to the grass with a heart stencil & flour!

5. This one is for all the brownie points! Make a trail of twine or your Valentine’s favorite candy, etc. leading your loved one to various gifts around the house {like a love note, invitation/ticket to a surprise picnic, your 52 love cards, a window where they can look out & see your decorations}. Lead the trail to where {if you’re the guy} you’re standing with flowers & sweets, cause honestly, men, you can’t leave those out!  

Love the expression on that little boy's face!  All these ideas could definitely be used for any & everyone!  Customize em for the one you love!

Hope that helps you out!  What are you giving this Feb. 14th?

Happy Valentine's Eve,

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