Friday, March 12, 2010


Well, this is my 20th post & I have 21 Gal Pals! Yippee! A big THANKS to all my readers, & especially my Pals! I love you gals!

Here’s 20 Things To Remember (Go ahead, tie a lovely ribbon to your finger & keep these things in mind!)

1. Being a Christian makes you a daughter of the King! Yep, you’re truly a princess (dig out the old plastic tiara =)

2. If you ask earnestly for forgiveness, God will forgive & forget your sins! If He can, then you should be able to forgive yourself, too. Let go!

3. The devil is a big time LIAR! Don’t believe the things he tries to tell you – they just aren’t so!

4. God made you beautifully unique – He DID NOT make mistakes!

5. You don’t have to dress immodestly in order for a guy to like you.

6. God’s timing really is perfect.

7. If you make a mistake or have an embarrassing moment, life will not end. It’ll go on quite unaffected, actually.

8. Worry really is a waste of time & a controller! Work on letting go of fears & trusting in Your Heavenly Father. (I need reminding of this quite a lot, but I’m working on it!)

9. Your Heavenly Daddy is always with you! If your Dad is present, what’s to fear?

10. God is the perfect Father! He won’t disappoint or fail.

11. Purity is not only waiting until marriage for intimacy…it is also keeping a pure mind, motive, & heart! Keep striving for it!

12. Don’t lie to yourself & think that an immodest outfit won’t affect your Christian brothers (& any other males). Don’t con yourself into the “I just wanted to look cute” lie, either. There are plenty of cute & God-pleasing garments out there!

13. Just because “the whole world” goes to see rude & crude movies, doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t think, “I can go; that stuff won’t affect me.” The Bible tells us to think on lovely, pure, & good things.

14. If someone was about to walk into a burning building, you’d warn them right? Tell others about Christ (whether witnessing makes you scared silly or not). Jesus died for everyone!

15. Being brave does not mean the absence of fear. If you weren’t afraid, how could you ever be brave! Go ahead be brave & bold (even with your knees knocking).

16. Your past has no claim to the throne of now. Don’t allow it to rule your present or future! It’s in your hands; don’t live in the past – but do learn from past mistakes.

17. Life is precious! Don’t waste your time. You aren’t promised the next moment.

18. You can do amazing things! Dream! (& make sure to let God in on your dreams – dream with Him, after all, He’s your pilot on this journey of life)

19. Remember that every single person on this planet is someone for whom Christ died. Everyone is special to God – strive to treat them that way!

20. God’s plans are better than yours. =)

And since I do have 21 followers here’s one more…

21. Press on! Don’t give up now; the race isn’t over.

In Christian Love – Your Sis in Christ,


  1. I love that post Bess! Awesome!


  2. Hi! I was glad to see your comment on my site. I will have to actually be consistant about posting now I think. Can I ask how you found my blog?
    What a wonderful encouraging post! Thanks for the wisdom. I always think I know all these things but it helps to be reminded. : )

  3. That was so totally AWESOME.


  4. Great post! All the little things in life we should know but keep forgetting! And thanks for checking out my blog. :)

  5. I can see why this is your favourite post - I love each of those facts!

    The only problem for me is the first point. In our family, if you get called 'princess' then it's a derogatory term basically meaning that you're weak & complaining about nothing, so the word's been tainted a bit :( But I'm doing my best to change the way I think about the word 'princess' because as God's daughters, that's exactly what we are!

    God bless.



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