Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bookish Fashion Delight: Nancy

Oh, Nancy! What a super sleuth you are!
The Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene

The Secret of the Old Clock

What I've donned (left):

sweater set - vintage - (this used to be my aunt's)

gloves - vintage - (from my grandma=)

tweed skirt with pockets - To The Max - (thrift store!)

brown tights - (Dollar Tree)

Black Flats - (Walmart)

Old Clock - (it's a mystery...=)

What I've donned (below):

yellow wool blazer - Paul & Joe For Target - (thrift store)

blue scarf - vintage - (my mom's)

white button down shirt - French Toast - (Target - Kid's Dept.=)

yellow sweater vest - WeatherVane - (thrift store)

trousers - Old Navy - (Old Navy)

oxfords - Timberland's - (thrift store)

shoulder satchel (clue kit=) - Mondani - (thrift store)

Nancy's Sleuth Kit:

Nancy's Accessories: gold detective hat necklace - (yard sale); Counter-Top Culture necklace - (made by me - see tutorial here:; Nancy Drew bag - (I got this for my birthday, but sadly have never carried it yet! It's not too sturdy or large, but I love it anyways=)

Drew Clue:

-Did you know Carolyn Keene was the pen name of a whole set of authors who wrote the Nancy Drew stories!

A while back the wonderful Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashion, created a Nancy Drew Fashion post that was mysteriously comissioned by one of her readers. Well, I was that reader! Ashley did an amazing job (I especially love her Polyvores=)! Click the link to see the post:

Oh, I love Nancy! She's a real go getter!

To see some Nancy Drew clips & more scroll down to the bottom of Bess' Bag & click play on my Nancy Mixpod. (CLUE: Turn off my main Mixpod 1st!)


  1. Hey! Nancy Drew! Ah, I'm a fan! I use to always read the books! =D
    AWESOME outfits! Really, it's perfect for ND! =D
    Loved this post!

  2. Cool clothes Bess! You're really creative.


  3. Thank you for posting, Bess! I enjoyed the pictures... Very creative! Have a blessed Wednesday!

    Your Sister In Christ,


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