Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Cross Craft

Today's tutorial is pretty simple (& it's pretty, too)! Yes, even the most uncertain crafter can tackle this project! =)
Here's what you do:
1. Get some fabric scraps. I raided my mom's sewing room trash bin! =)
2. Create a card out of cardstock or heavy paper (or use a blank pre-made one). I used a small blank card I already had. If you want to make a mini card like mine just cut one down to size! =)
3. Cut your fabric scraps to create the shape(s) you want. I used two skinny rectangular pieces to create the cross & then two almost triangular (with one of the angles cut off) pieces to create the purple sash.
4. Pen a little message on the front if you wish, & punch a hole near the fold & insert a skinny piece of fabric if you so desire! =) SIDE NOTE: I suppose, since I wrote "He Lives!" on the front, I should have used a white sash (purple - royalty/death on cross / white - resurrection), but I couldn't find any white scraps!=)
5. Send your card with Easter greetings to a friend or someone in your family! You could also use these for name place-cards for an Easter meal. Enjoy!


  1. That's a really cute craft Bess!

    Keep crafting girl!

    PS I like your handwriting. Very nice and elegant!

  2. Oh! How lovely. Great idea for something easter-y!!


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