Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bookish Fashion Delight: Beatrix

Oh, Beatrix! What a charming & imaginative artist you are!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (& other titles) by Beatrix Potter

What I've donned:

Libertine for Target blouse (thrift store); heart locket; Peter Rabbit bag(yard sale); David Benjamin wool jacket & skirt (I got these at a yard sale where you could stuff a bag for $1! I purchased this wool set for literally less than a buck!); off-white tights (I really don't wear white tights much (I prefer the darker colors), but these seemed a little Beatrix Potter-y =); Flexisole shoes (yard sale - They're a tiny bit too big, but they were only (you guessed it) $1!)

Beatrix Facts:
-Beatrix kept a journal that she penned in a secret code!
-She authored & illustrated more than 20 books!
-The Tale of Peter Rabbit began as a letter to a sick child Beatrix was fond of. This is my favorite Beatrix-inspired outfit. Perfect for a holiday in the Lake District! =) The film Miss Potter is a lovely film about Beatrix & her life. I highly recommend watching it if you haven't (I own it =). It's rated PG.

What I've donned:

Faded Glory jeans (Walmart); Royal Silk vintage blouse (thrift store); Daniel for "Spellbound" tweedy jacket (I think this was my aunt's); Timberland's leather & canvas oxford shoes (thrift store - I just got these the other day & I love em'); Peter Rabbit pin (on jacket) & Peter Rabbit necklace (made em' myself)

Scroll down to the bottom of Bess' Bag for some Beatrix-inspired clips, etc. - including the Miss Potter preview! (Hint: Turn off my main music player 1st) Click on the link below to send a free Beatrix Potter e-card:

Beatrix was a talented artist & writer! Discover what gifts God has given you (& then work on whatever they are, thank God for them, & use them for His purpose & glory). He has blessed us all uniquely!

Hope you enjoyed this little bookish romp!


  1. Cute! So do you draw??? I saw the Sharpie with the thin tip! : ) I draw! And sketch...and paint...and doodle...and...You get the point!

  2. Hey Natasha,
    Thanks for your comment! I do draw or doodle would probably be more accurate! The fact that you spotted my thin tipped Sharpie tells me you're an artist! =) I don't "doodle" that much (I write more than I draw) & I like to create collages & other artsy stuff. I've never felt that drawing was my strong point in the artsy realm, but I like to doodle around every once in a while! Have a great rest of the weekend!
    -Bess- =)

  3. I loves this post and i love your outfits too.


  4. I have awarded you the 'Beyond Imagination Award'.

    You need to go to my blog to check it out =D.



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