Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: The Petal Pusher Bag

This tutorial was inspired by a few different sources – (I’m copying their links below the post for ya). Anyways, I’ll just say it started from a J.Crew petal-covered backpack & went from there after a couple of wonderfully crafty bloggers got involved…& now for my version…


I started with a plain canvas bag with wooden handles (I found mine @ Hobby Lobby Craft Store – I’ve actually had it for a long time & not been sure what to do with it). My white petals came from the Dollar Tree (I just love that store =) around Valentine’s Day, but you should be able to find some somewhere now (check wedding supplies). At 1st I thought I’d sew the petals on, but after many finger pricks & other various calamities, I gave up & brought out my old pal the hot glue gun. Starting at the bottom of the bag & working up, I glued on the petals (overlapping them so most of the canvas is invisible). TIP: glue near the top of the petal (not much glue is required to hold the petal in place), & with the next row slightly overlap the top, because the hot glue can make a darker-looking spot on the petals – which you don’t want visible). When I got to the top of the bag, I folded the top part of the petal under, so it’s not showing (again be careful gluing – you don’t want dark spots near the top of your bag). Lastly, I tied a beige ribbon to the handle in a bow, & fray checked the ends (I used a glue stick to do this =)… & there you have it…The Petal Pusher Bag.

Isn't it cute? I really like how it turned out! Just perfect for spring (though, while I’m typing this, I can see snow out my window…O, Spring, where art thou?

"The grass withers & the flowers fall,

but the word of our God stands forever."

- Isaiah 40:8

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  1. Hey, I wanted to leave a note saying that I chose to only "petal" one side of the bag (I thought it would make for easier carrying - I didn't want petals to brush against my side & get wrinkled, dirty, etc.). Anyways, forgot to say so in the post (you can decide what you want to do). Oh, & please be sure to let me know if you try one of my projects, I'd love to see what you guys make!


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