Monday, March 15, 2010

Plan A Visit To "Iradessa" - Blog Interview!

“Iradessa” – the name just sounds magical & full of wonder, doesn’t it? It’s one of those words that is even more wonderful when you say it out loud… & it happens to be the title of a blog created by a lovely needle-&-thread-loving girl named Celine. On my first “visit” to “Iradessa,” I discovered the needle-&-thread-loving Celine also loves her Heavenly Father, poetry, & Scotland. Since the moment of those three revelations I have been certain that I have found a kindred spirit! Celine & I recently had a “cyber conversation” about her blog, & we’re allowing you in on our little chat…

--Bess’ Bag News (BBN) interrupts your regularly scheduled Interview to announce a new upcoming challenge to soon hit the blog world! Our sources tell us this “event” has something to do with girlhood companions, but these “companions” are utterly silent & won’t share a single peep about the future festivities. Sources tell us you should visit “Iradessa” for updates! We now return to your scheduled program featured in its entirety. BBN signing off.--

Bess: Why did you choose to create & keep a blog?

Celine: Well, I was very fond of the “Thoughts of a Shield-Maiden” blog (which now is a Wordpress blog) & I’ve always been a “blogging” sort of person; I have that sort of “journalism” in me, my dad says.

Bess: What’s a reader likely to find on your blog?

Celine: Lots & lots of posts about possible sewing projects! It’s more fun to dream about a dress you could make than actually making it sometimes. : )

Bess: Fill us in on some of your hobbies.

Celine: reading, writing, illustrating fairy tales, water color painting, having picnics or doing yard work outside with my littlest sister, drafting my own patterns, buying fabric, playing the piano, cooking with Mom or by myself, hiking, swimming in the creek…oh! One other thing: SEWING!!!

Bess: Take the first letter of your name & create 1 word (that starts with that 1st letter) to describe you! What’s the word?

Celine: A word that would describe me is…creative. : )

Bess: Tell us about your relationship to Christ. =)

Celine: I became a Christian when I was very young, & I’m still growing. I struggle with certain sins constantly, but God is helping me through them. : ) I can’t imagine what life would be like if I didn’t know Him.

"Iradessa" LINK:

So, take a wondrous visit & meet Celine at “Iradessa!” See what all the fuss is about! (P.S.: Tell her, Bess sent you! =)

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